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what we're all about

Life’s too short to drink bad coffee. We roast coffee for the experience, the enlightenment that comes from a truly great brew. Welcome to the world of bold flavor and the highest quality beans the world has to offer.

freshly roasted.
ethically sourced.

Big brand coffee is mass-produced in order to maximize profit. Our beans are cultivated by expert farmers in order to maximize flavor. When we take beans from some of the best growers in the world, and add our creative touch to the roasting process, what we get is a product that is nothing short of magical. You can taste the quality in every single sip.

sourcing our beans

We work with trusted coffee growers and exporters for two reasons: It gives us greater quality control in acquiring the very best beans, and it gives farmers an opportunity to improve their lives. Our beans are sourced from countries in Central and South America, Africa, and Indonesia. These places are beautiful and exotic, but life can be hard for the locals. Forming relationships with local growers is a win-win situation for us, for the farmers, and for you – the customer.

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green beans

We purchase green coffee from our growers. This means that the beans have simply been harvested and dried at the farm, and then delivered to us. This gives us a “clean slate” to work with, allowing us to introduce other flavors into the roasting process to create unique profiles for each type of bean. Our menu isn’t large, but it’s diverse and each coffee has its own personality.

roasting for maximun flavor

Roasting coffee isn’t exactly rocket science… but it’s pretty close. We develop profiles for each of our coffees, where we monitor the effects of temperature on the beans during the roasting process. Our goal is to provide naturally sweet-tasting, easy to drink coffees. So it’s important that we establish this profile in order to perfect the roast for each individual coffee and bring out the flavors we desire so much.

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build a better world

We believe that the world is a crazy place, but we have the power to do something about it. That’s why a portion of all sales will go to nonprofit organizations around the world, focusing on countries where we source our coffee beans. Whether it’s providing education for young women in Africa, or food and shelter for orphans in Guatemala, we will do our best to make this mad world a better place to live.

try our coffee

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